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Installation Instructions

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Download the SafeExamBrowser-2.0.dmg file to your computer from this link and copy to hard drive.


Download the file to your computer from this link.

  1. Once downloaded, right-click on and choose Extract all files:
    Step 1 - Screen Shot
  2. Select location to extract files, click Extract:
    Step 2 - Screen Shot
  3. Once extracted, double click on SebWindowsInstall.msi to launch the installer.
    Step 3 - Screen Shot
  4. Click Next
    Step 4 - Screen Shot
  5. Select "accept" and click next
    Step 5 - Screen Shot
  6. Click Install
    Step 6 - Screen Shot
  7. When installation has completed, click Finish
    Step 7 - Screen Shot
  8. To launch the browser: Click START, then All Programs and click on "SEB Windows 1.9.1".  The browser will launch and connect to the MCS Moodle page.  To EXIT the browser, press and hold down the F3 key, THEN press and hold the F11 key, THEN press and hold the F6 key.  Continue holding all three keys for 3 seconds.

Download these instructions as a PDF Document.

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