Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What schools are involved?
A. Beginning with the Northridge Middle School, we hope the program gains support and momentum to grow throughout the community.
Q. Is there a need?
A. As parents and members of the community, we see there is a need. And when teachers were asked, the response was an overwhelming yes. Most teachers could think of at least 10 students in their own classrooms who could benefit from arms.
Q. How are students chosen to be involved in arms?
A. Teachers and guidance counselors will help select students. The students chosen are those who would benefit from a one-to-one friendship with a caring adult. These students, with the help of a role model, are likely to realize their full potential by learning to feel good about themselves.
Q. Why volunteer?
A. The benefits to students who participate are astounding -- improved attendance, rising grades and test scores, and fewer behavioral incidents. Both solid research and conventional wisdom show that a community interested in developing young people into caring, contributing citizens must exhibit those qualities themselves. For students, genuine caring from positive adult role models speak much louder than words.
Q. How are volunteers selected? What do they do?
A. To become a volunteer, you must simple care about young people and be willing to donate your time to helping them. Volunteers make a commitment to visit his or her student weekly for approximately 30 minutes. As a positive role model, a volunteer exhibits behavior of honesty, truth and respect for others, while sharing skills and talents.
Q. Is there any experience or funds needed to become a volunteer?
A. A volunteer shares time and friendship based on a mutual interest, but we do not encourage money to be spent on the student.
Q. Is there screening of volunteers?
A. The safety of our children is of foremost importance. A background check is done on each interested volunteer before beginning the program.
Q. Where do volunteers meet with the students?
A. All volunteer and student meetings take place on the school premises.
Q. Why we need your help.
A. Without the support of the community, arms will not succeed. Since the work day and school day coincide, a key component of this program is the employer.

Employers can take the lead by encouraging volunteering for the arms program within their company, providing an atmosphere that supports volunteers. In today's busy workplace and home environment, people need creative ways to contribute to their community . Plus studies show that employees who are satisfied by meeting personal goals, such as volunteering, are more productive. Employees of local companies can be our best volunteers.

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